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An easy way to frame paintings on thin panel or canvas board

So you’ve got a painting on 1/8″ panel or canvas board? Sure you could stick it to the wall with some double-sided tape, but a little frame will add a lot of magic.

My favourite way of framing thin panels is to buy a standard picture frame that matches the panel size, and then remove the glass. That’s it! The space left for the glass will be filled with the 1/8″ panel or canvas board. You can then attach the frame’s backing and you’re good to hang it up.

This works best for oil and acrylic paintings that don’t need the protective glass required for works on paper and sensitive, smudgy media.

I paint a lot of 8×10 pieces on canvas board when I go “plein air” painting and these can just pop in 8×10 picture frames – once the glass is removed there is room for the panel.