Backcountry Bandanas

Inspired by nature, I’ve created a collection of bandanas that are ready for your next adventure. My bandanas are printed on a microfibre polyester, so they are soft, quick-drying, breathable, and offer UPF50+ sun protection.

Find your bandana

These bandanas are the perfect blend of art and adventure. Go to my sister shop Backcountry Bandanas to view the full collection.

Wear your favourite art!

My art is inspired by mountain adventures! And the one piece of equipment that I always pack is a simple bandana – yes, one square of cloth that can be used in dozens of ways along the trail. I wear a bandana around my neck for sun protection but also dip it in cold mountain streams as a cooling band.

I got inspired to create bandanas that features beautiful art inspired by nature, but could also go beyond to provide helpful flower guides, topographic maps, board game mats, chord charts, and more in the backcountry. The collection is always growing and I hope you find your perfect bandana!