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E-Commerce 101 – Webinar & Worksheet

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Buying this product will give you access to the 90 minute “E-Commerce 101” webinar recording along with a helpful worksheet to assess your business and start researching further.

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Are you curious about selling your artwork online? Not sure where to start? This webinar is an introduction to e-commerce with artist Abby Wilson.

In this webinar recording, I share my e-commerce story and how I use my background in the tech industry to help me navigate all the possibilities and platforms. I will answer these questions:

  • What are the 3 basic tools artists use to sell work online?
  • How can we start simply, evaluate, and grow over time?
  • What are some tips from the tech world that can help you on your e-commerce journey?
  • How can we manage and simplify shipping logistics?
  • What are some additional online revenue streams you can explore further?

This recording includes Q&A with participants who attended the live session, and you can contact me afterwards if you have additional questions.

You’ll also get a PDF worksheet with helpful reflection prompts to assess your own business and goals, as well as research homework to find case studies that you can explore further.